• Dec

4 reasons why you should be on the market over Christmas and New Year (and ONE very good one why it should be with Wilkinson Grant & Co) Dec 03 2014

With minds turning to the festive season, it may be tempting to think that even the most serious would-be Home Buyers go into hibernation! Wrong! If you are serious about selling in the next 12 months – the next couple of months could provide the best chance not only of selling but also of achieving the best price. Here are FOUR very good reasons why we think now is a good time to have your property on the market: 1.Less Competition As you might imagine fewer people put their proper ...

  • Nov

“Exe Factor” still driving the market – but other “new” factors also influencing buyer’s and tenant’s decisions Nov 12 2014

No thanks to Simon Cowell but the “Exe Factor” is still driving the local market, with Exeter still ranking as one of the best places to live in the UK, reflected by continued healthy levels of activity in both sales and rentals. Clearly, one might expect a tail-off at this time of year but demand for realistically-priced homes is as high as we might ever have hoped for, as we approach the run-up to the Christmas period. “You have to be in it to win it” (as they say) and many selle ...

  • Oct

Local Sales market still strong as Lettings heating-up Oct 23 2014

‘Accidental landlords’ fast being outnumbered by a new breed of investor With some ‘would-be’ sellers, perhaps somewhat misguidedly, taking down their ‘For sale’ signs in the hope of “trying again in the Spring” many of those who are left have seen plenty of interest in recent weeks from serious buyers intent on moving ‘whatever the time of year’. Buyer numbers may have fallen, as daylight hours shorten and the temperature falls but realistically-priced homes are still ...

  • Sep

“SILLY SEASON” SEEMS TO HAVE STARTED – But don’t let it make you put your plans for a move on hold. Sep 26 2014

As we all know “The easiest thing to do about anything is nothing” and with ‘threats’ of a Mansion Tax (most of us should be so lucky!), impending rising interest rates (likely to be some time ahead and minimal), mortgage delays (good things are worth waiting for!) and an impending General Election (Good news for many!) – It’s not surprising that some potential home movers may be thinking of putting their plans on hold, as that some property pundits are predicting a slow-down in the ...

  • Aug

What’s happening in the market – is it picking up? Aug 20 2014

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked these same questions over the last thirty-five years of my estate agency career – I’d have enough for a new family car or a cracking good family holiday! (or maybe both!). Perfectly reasonable and not at all surprising questions really but for those of us who live, sleep and breathe property every day of the week – which includes many people with their property currently on the market it’s a reminder that unless you really are “in t ...

  • Apr

Spring is in the Air Apr 14 2014

As the local property market moves into full swing With prices “on the up” and looking set to rise further, over recent weeks , we have seen an increase in both numbers and urgency of buyers and – with many of them local home-owners – the supply of property for sale in the Exeter and surrounding area is slowly starting to increase. This recovery in property supply should help curb too steep price rises but it’s the increase in homeowners equity that’s seems to be encouraging many ...

  • Apr

Lost opportunity to help housing market lead recovery Apr 02 2014

Beer and bingo won’t help homeowners make a move The recent budget was –said by the Chancellor to be for “the makers, the do-ers and the savers” but also somewhat patronisingly hailed by the Conservative Party Chairman as being a budget that would “allow hard-working people to do more of the things they enjoy” (an apparent reference to a cut in bingo tax and the fact that you can now buy 300 pints of beer and get the 301st one virtually free!) did little to address the immediate b ...

  • Mar

Rain and Floods fail to curb Local Property Market Mar 19 2014

The storms and floods in the early part of the year don’t seem to have curbed either residential or commercial property demand in the Exeter and local area. With many new developments already underway and many more set to come, as eager developers snap-up new opportunities as soon as they arise – the recent “mini-boom” in the local property market looks set to continue for some months yet. Stocks of re-sale residential property remain in short supply, as investor buyers compete wi ...

  • Mar

Property Market “mini boom” Mar 03 2014

But Agents could slow down recovery. Time to whistle-blow ‘questionable practices’? With the recovery in the local property market gathering momentum, as both sales numbers and selling prices exceed previous recent years, the shortage of fresh properties coming to market has led to a number of local agents appearing to adopt what might at best be described as “questionable practices” and at worst seemingly contravening consumer legislation – or, as some might say“breaking the law ...

  • Jan

Is 2014 the year to make that move? Jan 23 2014

Market recovery offers “opportunities and threats” With the property market recovery apparently in full swing, prices having risen by up to 8% last year and forecast to rise further, with property for sale in the Exeter area at the start of the year nearly 30% down on January 20007- more people as set to move this year than any time since the start of the recession. As ever, the market may be driven by property owners who ‘have to’ sell (developers, downsizers, divorcees or job mo ...

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