When do the tenants pay their rent and when do we receive our payment?

All rents are due monthly in advance and rent received by us will be transferred into your account, within 10 working days of receipt of cleared funds. A statement of account will be forwarded to you at the time detailing the rents collected and expenditure incurred, by us while acting on your behalf as your managing agent.

How do we know whether our property is being looked after properly?

For our managed properties, we make regular visits and you will receive a report after a visit has been carried out. This will highlight any issues which may need addressing.

Who is responsible for paying for Electricity, Council Tax, Water, Gas?

Your tenant(s) are responsible for all these accounts during the period of their tenancy. Providing that we have arranged for a Schedule of Condition/Inventory to be carried out we will inform all authorities of tenancy changes including details of dates, forwarding address and meter readings (if applicable) taken at the time the inventory clerk visited. You will be responsible for all standing charges, etc for any period of time that the property remains empty and we will arrange, if required, to settle these accounts on your behalf and debit your account accordingly, details will be noted on your monthly statement. In the event that a professional Schedule of Condition/ Inventory has not been carried out, we will not be responsible for informing suppliers/providers.

Who is responsible for the Building and Contents Insurance?

The provision of adequate cover remains your responsibility and you should advise your insurers, in writing, of your intention to let your property. They may impose a small premium to cover the increased risk but failure to advise them may invalidate the terms of your policy in the event of any claims being made. Whilst you are responsible for your own contents cover, your tenant(s)s are similarly responsible for all items of personal goods and chattels introduced into the property which will not be covered under the terms of your policy should they suffer loss or damage for whatever reason.

Should we maintain any Service/Maintenance Contracts?

Yes. It is your responsibility to ensure that all service contracts remain in force, particularly in respect of central heating systems, automatic washing machines, fridge/freezers, gas fires etc, all of which are prone to breakdown and expensive to repair when they do. We will record all details of all maintenance and arrange to pay the premiums as and when they fall due should you so wish, the costs of which is being deducted from rents received. Please advise us of any such agreements in the space provided on the ‘Lettings Property Questionnaire’ you have been given.

Who is responsible for repairs and general maintenance?

You, the landlord. We have a comprehensive list of accredited contractors we use or, alternatively, we shall be pleased to follow your instructions in this regard and use your nominated contractors.

Who is responsible for garden maintenance?

Under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, your tenant(s) are responsible for your garden and its maintenance. N.B. It is unlikely that your tenant(s) will do more than keep the grass cut and borders weeded and should you wish to maintain the garden to a higher standard, please feel free to discuss this with us.

Can we visit our property during the period of tenancy?

Yes, but tenants should be given a minimum of 24 hours notice.. However, we request that prior arrangements are made through our office in sufficient time for us to advise your tenant(s) of your intentions.