Why buy new

Why Buy New

Today’s new homes benefit from energy-efficient central heating, double glazing and high levels of insulation – all adding up to a home which is warmer, “greener” and up to 40 per cent more energy-efficient than homes built even 10 or 15 years ago.

Unlike older housing stock, new homes are built to make use of every inch of space. As much as 17% of the living space in older homes can go unused, meaning as much as £68,000 of a £400,000 house going to waste. New homes meet the demands of modern living and busier lifestyles by maximising space and natural light. Also, they are built-to-last with exacting standards relating to every aspect of a building’s construction including structure, ventilation, sound insulation, electrical and fire safety, so new home owners can enjoy living in a safe and secure environment.

New homes are also stylish, easier to maintain and less expensive to run – leaving you to spend your time, money and energy on enjoying life!