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Wilkinson Grant offer services to guide you through most property related matters – if you can’t find what you need here reach out to us by phone or e-mail


Let us help you find your ideal property in the location of your choice

Land and Developments

WG offers a unique, strategic and customised approach to the sale or acquisition of land and development opportunities

Financial Services

We can help you with your borrowing or property related finance requirements


How exciting, you are looking to move and embark on that next big adventure. Moving is in the top 10 most stressful processes in life and we make it our priority to ensure our vendors do not feel this way. It is at the heart of what we do to make this an enjoyable and exciting time for you.


Our Landlords benefit from peace of mind knowing we keep their property safe and follow up to date legislation. Wilkinson Grant want to protect landlords in our community so we have put together some advice to offer you support where we can.

Confidential Register

Don't want to let the whole world know you're on the move but keen to sell? An "off-market" sale may be the answer. We have hundreds of buyers that are looking right now.


Often the most significant duty of an executor is to arrange for a property or properties, to be valued and sold.

A Guide to Downsizing

In simple terms, downsizing is the process of moving into a smaller property.