Buyer Service | Wilkinson Grant

Often, selling a property is just half the job

At any time, it can be a real challenge to find your next home – but when buyer demand is high and supply is short, it’s time to talk to the specialists

Searching for property should be easy – everything is on the big property websites – Right?

NO! Lots of properties never make it to the portals and many are sold before they do. To make it even harder, as many as four in ten sales fall-through before contracts are exchanged – with many of these re-selling before being re-advertised. Even when they are advertised, many are sold before you get a chance to view let alone make an offer – especially in a market where demand exceeds supply. All the more difficult when you have a property to sell!

These are just a few of many reasons why we provide a FREE BUYING SERVICE to our vendor clients

If you instruct Wilkinson Grant & Co as your agent, we won’t just sell your home for the best price, with the minimum of fuss and in a timely manner – we will help you find and secure your next home.

With over 25 years as one of the leading agents in the South West we have helped thousands of West Country home-movers with their property plans. We know the area and we know the people – and if we don’t , we know how to identify and engage with homeowners who are looking to sell before they put their own property on the market.