During the 25 years we’ve been serving the people of Exeter and surrounding areas, we’ve helped hundreds of clients sell probate or inherited property. Our experience means we know just how emotional and draining this period can be for people. In many cases, you are not just selling bricks and mortar, but letting go of treasured memories and deep emotional bonds. We never forget that, and compassion and passion are at the core of our service to people in this situation. Our aim is to help and guide you during these times and to become your support partner for the property’s sale.

Selling probate or inherited property can be a very complicated matter depending on the size of the estate. And that’s why we’ve created this introduction to it. The information we share is based on experience and does not constitute legal advice. We can, if necessary, introduce you to experienced and trustworthy solicitors who know the local property market. After reading this, you may find it beneficial to have a no-obligation, confidential chat with us about your situation as we really are here to guide you through.

Often the most significant duty of an executor is to arrange for a property or properties, to be valued and sold. Some of the most frequent questions we are asked are answered below along with some further helpful tips:

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When can an executor sell the property?

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Selling probate or inherited property

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Deeds, restrictions and defects

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Capital Gains Tax

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Insurance, Authorities and Utilities

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Probate Valuation

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Estate agents, property presentation and reporting

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Ready to sell; progression and valuation

We hope our tips have been some help in what we know is a challenging and emotional time. If you want to chat about anything mentioned on this page or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01392 427500 or to download our full guide to Selling Probate or Inherited Property, click the button below