Guide to Downsizing



Over the last twenty five years or more , at Wilkinson Grant & Co. we have seen many individuals, couples and families wrestle with this issue. And in that time we’ve helped hundreds of clients to plan ahead and move swiftly and smoothly when the time comes to take action. We’ve also seen some people leave the decision too late, or leave it for others to make it for them.

Our experience and those of our many clients has promoted us to produce a simple guide to downsizing. In it, we look at the pros and cons of downsizing to a smaller home, or to a different type of home such as a retirement village or warden assisted accommodation.

Whatever your reasons and whatever your choice, we know that moving into a smaller home is not a decision most people take lightly. Even though your present home may be consuming more time, effort and money than you’d prefer, it’s often an emotional wrench to leave behind a house that’s been a home for you and your family for many years. We understand that and our team at Wilkinson Grant are here to help you every step of the way.

Download our ‘Guide to Downsizing’ for details of:

  • What is downsizing?
  • Why Downsize at all?
  • Downsizing can be a tough decision
  • The Pros and Cons of Downsizing
  • Questions to consider
  • Planning to downsize: your checklist before you sell
  • Focus on your future
  • How to make the journey smooth and achieve the best outcome
  • Talk to us now – even if you’re not quite ready to downsize

Download your “Guide to Downsizing” HERE