Estate agents, property presentation and reporting

Estate agents, property presentation and reporting

Presentation of the property

A good agent will suggest any modest improvements which would increase the property. It is often worth spending a few hundred pounds on minor repairs and improvements. Too often people take one look at an untidy front garden or paint peeling off the front door and walk away without even going in. But it is surprising how many people want to buy a property they can do-up. These modest expenses can usually be offset against the tax position on the deceased’s estate

Monitoring, inspection and reports

Inspecting empty properties throughout the process and providing regular update reports is a requirement to maintain valid insurance. It is also wise to ensure the property is well-maintained and presented throughout the marketing and sale process. Your agent should keep you informed about the condition of the property – as well, of course, about marketing and viewing feedback and current market conditions as well as any other information you need to know.

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