Insurance, Authorities and Utilities

Insurance, Authorities and Utilities

Make sure the property is properly insured

No one wants to inherit a house which has burned down or with squatters or vandalised – and often insurers won’t pay out if the terms of the insurance have not been met by “negligent” executors! If there are such problems, the executors may be liable to the beneficiaries so, it is vital to check the insurance urgently. If you can, find the documents and arrange for the insurers’ requirements to be followed. They will usually include draining down all water, removing valuables and inspecting the property at least every two weeks, with a formal record kept. If you are unable to find the insurance documents, we are happy to put you in touch with appropriate brokers, or insurers.

Local authorities and utility companies

You will also need to inform the local authority and utility suppliers and take meter readings, together with obtaining any balances or credits as at the date of death.

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