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Why not contact us for a FREE no obligation valuation.

Our 'Sell your house in 60 days' initiative is designed to save you valuable time and get the best price for your property.

WG has a proactive strategy for achieving the swift sale of your property. Here are our top tips.

Put your sale in motion before a buyer is found with Ready to Sell

Open Houses create special interest when you want to sell. Find out more about our successful sales strategy

Don't want to let the whole world know you're on the move but keen to sell? An "off-market" sale may be the answer. We have hundreds of buyers that are looking right now.

Your Wilkinson Grant & Company

our community initiative

Our business is as much about the people we serve and the community we work in. Find out about the local good causes we support.

Property marketing blog

Momentum in market set to build. New Year! Just when you thought. Up, up and away?

Our property magazine

Magazine available at Wilkinson Grant's offices in Exeter & Topsham and also at Darts Farm.

Acquisition service

If you are in the market for a property but are unsure of what to look for or simply don't have the time, talk to us.

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