Open Houses have formed a key part of our provenly successful strategy to “Sell Your Home in 30 Days”

An Open House can often be the perfect way to create a buzz about your house sale and get plenty of potential buyers through the door in just one or two viewing sessions.

A well-promoted and effectively managed Open House is one of the most effective means of generating serious, immediate interest in a property.

By putting the Open House “spotlight” on a particular property it accelerates the marketing process by attracting the attention of a wider pool of prospective buyers and helps achieve the best results for our clients.


What is an Open House?

An Open House can replace the need for successive numbers of viewings. Instead of conducting viewings as and when you set aside a few hours on a particular day for viewings. It might be that anyone can come and take a look during that time, or we schedule back-to-back appointments with fully registered and selected buyers to fill the allocated time slot.

The Open House is then actively promoted to our database of registered buyers and also “Premium List” advertised on the major property portals, in order to reach the widest pool of prospective buyers in the shortest realistic timescale.


Identify the best buyers & negotiate the best sale price

Of course, any seller will want the most for their property – and that’s exactly what we aim to achieve with our Open House strategy.

Following the Open House, interested parties can arrange a second individual agent-accompanied viewing, where we can give them more individual attention and encouraged them to offer.

A successful Open House can lead to interest from several parties and multiple offers. In such cases it is often beneficial to invite OFFERS BY INFORMAL TENDER - giving everyone the opportunity to consider just how much they would pay to secure the property whilst also providing as much information as possible with regard to finance, any related sale and anticipated timescales for exchange and completion.

On occasion, it’s not always the highest bidder who is best placed to offer the speediest, trouble-free transaction and the Open House process can often give a seller the choice of a number of good potential buyers.

What are the advantages of holding an Open House?

  • By putting the spotlight on a particular property Open Houses create special interest over and above “standard” property, advertising and significantly increase a seller’s chances of securing the best buyer as quickly as quickly as possible.
  • Serious buyers are attracted to Open Houses because they know they are dealing with someone who is serious about selling.
  • An Open House makes your property more prominent and more easily accessible for viewing and also encourage people to view properties that may be outside of their internet search criteria.
  • Open Houses can save you from having to constantly clean and keep your home ever-prepped for potential viewings – particularly helpful if you have children or pets and a full-time job to juggle as well!
  • Buyers are often keen to make a prompt decision and happy to offer good price (often above the guide) if they see lots of other interest in your property.
  • Even without a sale, they can also provide valuable immediate market feedback as to how buyers view your property in relation to the other properties in the market place and what they feel about the condition, decoration and value.



Open Houses sell houses

We are aware that some people might feel that an Open House might attract nosey neighbours or less-than-serious viewers but rarely are either the case.

Mostly they attract serious buyers and often result in multiple offers, in excess of the guide price.

Not all agents have the marketing reach, the staffing resources, or the experience to effectively promote and efficiently conduct a successful Open House

campaign to achieve the best result for their clients. For over twenty years Wilkinson Grant & Co have developed our Open House strategy to do exactly that.

An Open House may not suit every seller and every property – but done properly, as part of an overall marketing strategy, they do work and they do work well.


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