1. Choose the right agent

Things to look for in an agent:

Don’t be tempted by the agent that ‘values’ the highest or the one that quotes the lowest fee. When it comes to ensuring a swift sale of your property you need an agent that has a proven track record of selling properties similar to your own.

2. Choose an agent that follows Coronavirus guidelines

If you are unsure feel free to refer to our safety guides here

3. Look at your property through the eyes of a prospective buyer

If you don’t want to be one of the thousands of properties that do not sell, or take much longer to sell than they need to, work with your agent to make your property a magnet for buyers.

Preparation is everything – this means paying attention to the entire buyer journey, from kerb appeal and the first impressions when a buyer walks in the door, to the lasting impressions they leave with. Tidy up the garden, sweep the driveway, clean the kitchen and work on a room-by-room basis with your agent, a trusted friend with an eye for these things, or even a recommended consultant to ensure each room of the property is presented to best effect.

4. Negotiating Offers

Once you have received an offer, be prepared to negotiate. But remember, you don’t have to sell to the highest bidder. A lower bidder might be better if they:

Your property will automatically be presented on our touchscreens in the window of our office in London, attracting potential viewers 24/7. We also regularly hold Property exhibitions in London, providing that extra focus and attention.

5. Access the Lucrative London Market

This additional marketing exposure highlights our commitment to do all we can to expose your property to the widest marketplace and we are able to offer further additional exposure for all our properties to the lucrative London and International investor markets in our National Property Centre on Park Lane in London’s Mayfair. As highly regarded Members of The Guild of Professional Estate Agents, we can work with agents from across the UK to get your deal through.

6. Keeping the ball rolling

One of the key elements of a smooth sale is keeping the process flowing and communication channels remaining open, with all parties involved committed and pushing the sale forward. This is why at WG we employ an experienced team of negotiators to each property sale to ensure all the elements needed to bring a sale to its conclusion is working together. We are the only local agent to employ a former property lawyer on its team, to help resolve issues, improve communications and speed-up the sale process.without undue stress or delays.

7. Ask the right questions

It is important to ensure you know the level of service you will be getting and that your property will be marketed well. Our top 10 questions every seller should be asking their agent are here